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Addressing unmet clinical needs and enabling precision medicine through the proprietary application of molecular profiling.

Actionable Intelligence

Our tests provide actionable intelligence, enabling physicians to develop personalized treatment plans and improve patient outcomes. By targeting clinically challenging problems that are underserved, or unaddressed, by existing tests, we seek to help physicians reduce patient misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and overtreatment. These clinical benefits improve patient care, enhance physician insight, and deliver healthcare savings.

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The only test to predict whether an esophageal cancer patient is likely to respond to chemoradiotherapy
Under Development

New River Labs is the leading provider of mass spectrometry imaging based tests designed to address clinically challenging problems and enable physicians to improve patient care.

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Molecular Profiling

Our molecular profiling technology, histology guided mass spectrometry (HGMS), is a proprietary application of mass spectrometry imaging. We evaluate the proteomic contents of targeted cells and develop a molecular snapshot of the active state of these cells. Through the combination of HGMS profiling and machine learning algorithms, we develop a spectral fingerprint to aid in clinical decision making, including disease diagnosis and the evaluation of treatment response.

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Research & Development

Our research and development efforts are focused on the identification and qualification of new pipeline opportunities. We apply our proprietary HGMS technology platform to these areas of unmet clinical need to develop ancillary diagnostic and prognostic tests. We establish collaborative research partnerships with principal investigators and key opinion leaders during test development. Our Research Advisors enhance our ability to identify new pipeline opportunities, and we are actively pursuing new clinical applications for our technology. 

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